How we make websites

We use WordPress to begin with. The choice for WordPress was made because the WordPress community is by far the largest. It not only proves that you made the right choice, it gives you a vast user base with many people willing to help. But then there are many workflows you can think of. After the collapse of Headway some people pulled us to Beaver Builder. It is not the only way to go, but it is one way. Not long after that Beaver Themer appeared which made it a pretty solid and comprehensive solution for building websites and the appearance of this Theme Builder made the choice even easier.

One of the people who convinced me to start using Beaver Builder was Dave Bloom. Dave already made some plugins for Headway which I really liked and as he told me he ported them to BB it seemed like a good way to go. That’s one of the reasons to use Beaver Builder: SoulSections. This is a plugin that replaces many modules. I think you can do almost everything with Soulsections. Next to that he made SoulMagic, an easy way to animate objects on your pages and SoulType, a type manager which streamlines how you will work with type. Find all the informaton you need for these plugins on Ginger Soulrecords. (affiliate link)

A special set of plugins is made by Toolset ( (affiliate link). These plugins make working with custom post types easier and they can do a whole lot more. You can construct complicated websites with it. The downside is that Toolset has a pretty steep learning curve. The reward is that it broadens your skills quite a bit.

There are a few necessary plugins. For backups and for security for instance.

And many, many plugins exist for all other reasons. To enhance website speed, for SEO and for virtually everything you can think of.