SSL and Let’s Encrypt


Explained for DirectAdmin. cPanel will have a similar approach.

In DirectAdmin go to user > Login > Go to SSL certificates. Select Free & Automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt > Fill in your email address > Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save’.

Click Home (if nessecary), select domain and click > Domain Setup.
Select Domain > check ‘Secure SSL’ and hit ‘Save’.

Below that select ‘Use a symbolic link from …’ and hit ‘Save’.

Go to your website and download plugin ‘Really simple SSL’ and activate it.

If this is not enough use ‘inspect element’ to look at your console. What’s wrong is usually shown here. From here there are several directions you may go. Usually the links serve you what’s called mixed content. Some links will still serve from http instead of https.

There are several plugins that may help you out:
really simple SSL pro (paid)

Old plugins sometimes will keep internal http links.

Very important: clear caches

Check your certificate:

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