The Heart of the matter

May 3, 2020

This site is built on Toolset. Toolset is a suite of plugins with which you can build complex websites without the need to be (very) good with code. But, obviously, the more code you know, the further you can go. You may find information on Click on Read More for the affiliate link.

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WordPress Security

July 21, 2019

WordPress security is an important issue these days. Internet is becoming more and more dangerous. The best way to secure your website is to keep themes and plugins updated to the latest versions. Next to that there are two plugins which I use for all my websites: Wordfence and iThemes Security. They both have free…

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Why we made this site

July 20, 2019

The internet is constantly evolving. Every week things are different again. To keep track of a million little tips and tricks we made this site. First it was only for ourselves, but as we see more and more visitors coming every day we will try to modernise it and make it more professional. Feel free…

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How we make websites

July 10, 2019

We use WordPress to begin with. The choice for WordPress was made because the WordPress community is by far the largest. It not only proves that you made the right choice, it gives you a vast user base with many people willing to help. But then there are many workflows you can think of. After…

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